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Language, Knowledge, Power -- Communicating in the world's language to transcend cultural barriers.
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Over the past fifteen years, Pristine Communications has focused on language: written; spoken; visual; technological. Our indepth knowledge and rich experience give us an incomparable edge in managing your multilingual communications, localization, internationalization or globalization project.

We are continually developing our services and solutions to enhance and simplify managing your online presence, as well as offering valuable resources -- the Pristine Lexicon and the Pristine Media Center. Free Pristine Membership means you can benefit from our experience and be part of our growing online community.

To get a better idea of who we are, you might also want to learn more about our clients and check out our work.

Like language, we are a work in progress, and we welcome your comments and questions.

January 2009

Pristine will soon be launching its new website. In the meantime we have started a blog, The Pristine Soapbox, where "Pristine people sound off on the cool, quirky, frustrating, and inspirational world arond us from a distinctly cultural and linquistic perpective". Have a look: