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Media & Resource Center

Looking to translate a technical phrase into Chinese, research your competitor's movements in Taiwan and China, learn about emerging technologies and investment opportunities in Taiwan? Pristine's Media and Resource Center is the place to look.

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Pristine Lexicon

The Pristine Lexicon is an expanding Chinese-English-Pinyin terminology resource, compiled from both public domain sources and our own industry specific glossaries. These lexicons, fundamental to our consistent and quality translations, are used, and directly maintained by, our translation professionals worldwide, working in Pristine's Distributed Online Workspace.

Invest in Taiwan Website

A rich source of bilingual English and Chinese information on Taiwan's business and investment environment, with headlines from all Taiwan's top economic stories. Presented in a convenient quick-read format, the Invest in Taiwan web site covers a variety of issues, including foreign investment and enterprises, major investments, government regulation and deregulation, import and export trends, China-Taiwan relations, and other new financial and economic trends.

Custom Newscans

Custom newscans can give you a competitive edge. Take a look at some of the topics and industries that we scan daily. Email us for more information on custom newscans.

Pristine Media Center

A comprehensive look back at Taiwan business news sources on the web from 1995-2001. It was a subscription-based service providing English news summaries from the local Chinese media that has since been disbanded to allow us to focus on more automated online media scan services. With searchable archives dating from 1995, the PMC concentrated on government policies, legislation, finance, enconomic and business developments, industry player activities and consumer attitudes in Taiwan.

We also provide Interesting Links related to our field of expertise and other web sites with which we have an affilitate relationship.